Rent Advices

The type of apartment/living situation:

What kind of apartment are you looking for? A studio apartment or a one-bedroom? Will you rent a bigger place with roommates, or would you prefer a smaller place you can afford on your own? Be clear on what your ideal apartment looks like, but stay flexible while searching.

Learn to quickly find key info on an apartment, including square footage, amenities, natural light, parking, and public transit options.

The neighborhood:
Each neighborhood has its own personality, and you want to find one that jives well with your lifestyle and values. Do you prefer something more urban or suburban? Do you want to be close to arts and culture hubs, or would you rather live near parks and nature reserves? Consider the type of neighborhood you want and understand how each area may differ. While your primary concern should be picking a neighborhood that fits with your lifestyle, you should also be aware of how the neighborhood you choose can affect the cost of renter’s insurance and car insurance.

Property management:
Many apartment complexes have property managers that handle issues for residents. In some cases, they may even live on-site. Check out reviews online for the property management company and ensure that they will act in your best interests.